Bill Cosby Got His Comeuppance

By Marlow Stern
It’s very strange, this idea of viewing a cultural icon through a different lens; all the things we cherished about said person can come off as entirely disconcerting. This goes doubly so for the crazy sweater-wearing, puddin’ pop-lovin’ Cosby. America’s beloved uncle was actually their creepy one.

Bill Cosby Got His Comeuppance
There may be a very, very small chance that this is one giant conspiracy, but so many women have come forward with similar-sounding stories of sexual assault at the hands of Cosby (a pill, unwelcome fondling/sexual advances, fuzzy memories), that it’s almost impossible to believe. But we should also find solace in the fact that, after years of running rampant, the ex-sitcom star was finally exposed for being the scumbag that he is—and his dozens of alleged victims were finally given some peace of mind.
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