Man commits suicide over relish

The practice of opting to settle domestic disputes with violence ended badly for a Budiriro 5 couple, as the wife ended up in hospital while the husband committed suicide by hanging.
Man commits suicide over relish

Residents of Budiriro 5 in Harare woke up to a ghastly sight of a young man, Forbes Nyandebvu hanging from a tree following a domestic dispute with his wife over relish.

His wife, Portia Ruuke was discharged from Harare Hospital Tuesday morning after she had been pummelled by an iron bar into unconsciousness by Nyandebvu for dishing out a few pieces of meat as relish for his dinner.

Neighbours say the pair always had disputes.

Domestic violence is highly prevalent in the country although Zimbabwe has a strong legal framework for addressing gender based violence, which is not turning out to be a deterrent. ZBC
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