KING PUNANI’S PREGNANT SILENCE ‘He said he would buy me a BMW and build me a shop’

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Daniel Mahlaule, aka “King P” (50), has been accused of rejecting his unborn offspring. King P’s friends said one of his girlfriends, Sindi Skosana (24), from the north of Joburg, is heavily pregnant.

“But when she broke the news to him that she was expecting his child, ‘King Punani’ downright denied impregnating her,” said the friend.

Another friend close to the situation said when Sindi told him she was pregnant, he responded by saying she was mad and must “go and tell the person who really impregnated her as he is not the dad of the baby”.
‘He said he would buy me a BMW and build me a shop’
“She told King P last month about the pregnancy and he promised her a shop and the BMW 3 Series he’s currently driving in exchange for her silence.

“But Sindi was not amused by the toys King P was throwing at her,” claimed the source.

“She said if she accepted the gifts, his family would never acknowledge the baby as his.

“All she wants is for her baby to have a dad and a family. She’s worried about what would happen to her baby should King P die, leaving her with a car that’s not even fully paid for,” claimed the source.

Another source said: “Sindi used to party with King P everywhere.”

Sunday Sun has learnt that on Sunday last week, all hell broke loose when Sindi wanted to go to King P’s house to report that she’s expecting his baby.

The former policeman allegedly begged her not to do it, fearing his marriage would fall apart. The SunTeam contact Sindi, who said: “Yes, I’m expecting his baby. In January he said if I keep my mouth shut he’ll buy me a BMW and build me a shop.

“This situation is messed up.”

This week King P said: “Don’t be a sell-out my brother. Yes, I know this woman you’re talking about, but please don’t allow her to tear my marriage apart.”

King P rose to fame when he allegedly pronounced he has more money than his “friend” Kenny “Sushi King” Kunene.
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