Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi’s controversial book out.

By Sharon Muguwu
HARARE – The wait is finally over for superstar musician Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi’s controversial ‘‘tell all’’ biography, Tuku Backstage, which was written by his former publicist, Shepherd Mutamba.

The book, intended to be released at the end of last year was launched in Harare on Saturday and provides an insight into Mtukudzi’s never-before-told secrets about his family, love life and relationship with his children.

Speaking at the book launch, Mutamba said it was not his intention to cause Mtukudzi pain including the die-hard fans who adore him and “want to skin me alive for the explosive moments in the book.”
Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi
“The book is responsible because for a start, it used well-sourced information from Tuku’s closest family, that is, his own wife and children and his co-workers and also my own observations as his former publicist and board member.”

The 277 paged-book which has 24 chapters triggered a response from Tuku when excerpts were first published in the Daily News in September last year.

Last year, Mtukudzi said he was mulling suing Mutamba over claims he made in his book, saying he was horrified by lurid claims by his ex-publicist.

Tuku wanted to appear in court to confront Mutamba and to tell him the emotional trauma that it caused.

“Why would his own wife lie about him? Why would his own children lie about their father? Why would his local workers lie about him? Why would I lie about him? I think as a journalist of 30 years’ experience, I have done my job and done it well, credibly, objectively, accurately and ethically without malice,” Mutamba said in his response to Tuku during the launch on Saturday.

The book is currently being sold at the Book Café in Harare. Daily News
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