How This Celebrity Attempts To Get More Famous

Up-and-coming actress Kelly Brook has found her name back in the headlines. Why? Well, supposedly leaked pictures of her have surfaced online, presumably from 4chan. However, there’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t feel sorry for her.
How This Celebrity Attempts To Get More Famous
That reason is the stated fact that she’s behind the new leak. She went on record previously to say that the only nude footage we’ll ever see of her are images that she purposely allows to hit the internet. Honestly, I think it’s a genius marketing ploy.

(Scroll down to see the album of all 24 pics. Beware that the last one features David McIntosh, her ex-boyfriend, and is particularly unsafe for the workplace.)

Why is she interested in making a splash right now? It’s simple. She’s starring in a new sitcom called One Big Happy and thus far the ratings have been low and critics say her acting has been poor. But after seeing what you’ll see below, many of us will start tuning in on a regular basis and forgive any of her thespian flaws. Brilliant!

Without further ado, here are the goods:
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