Nude Photos Of African Beauty Queen Miss World Zimbabwe 2015 Emerges: 2nd Zimbabwean Queen In A Year

Miss World Zimbabwe 2015, Emily Kachote, might be losing her title over alleged nude pictures. This is the second Zimbabwean beauty queen to be faced with such a scandal.

The first was no longer than a year ago, the national queen Thabiso Phiri. Who unfortunately, her nude pictures went viral in the most pornographic way. Images surfaces of her literally holding her flower open and more. She was dethroned by the organization shortly after.

However, Emily Kachotes case is slightly different. The images that have emerged do not show a face and looks like something from a professional website, just simply from the lips down on a website entitled Although, it does look like her judging by the lips, I’ve not seen anything that can confirm a 100% it is her, and I would hope it’s not because she is very beautiful. 

Some people are speculating it most likely isn’t her but a pr stunt by those who will seek interest in her popularity where they will then later reveal it is not her. Only time will tell.
Here is my advice to girls from today onwards, if you have any nude pictures on your phone or computer, delete them. If you have any nude videos, delete them now! If you want to see yourself naked, buy a mirror. If you have sent any nude pics to your spouse, I don’t care how much you love him or how much you think he loves you, find his phone oneday and secretly, delete them. Unless you obviously don’t believe you will amount to anything important.
Nude Photos Of African Beauty Queen Miss World Zimbabwe 2015 Emerges: 2nd Zimbabwean Queen In A Year
Such activities is what makes the conservative side of our continent stand in opposition to modeling and pageantries. I think it is high time such event organizers start doing background checks on their contestants. As well as suing them of high amounts of money if they lie about having had such images around. Not only do they embarrass the organization, but also the nation. As a pageant organizer I see much value in pageants. When we started initially many people abroad used to send us emails, before all social media, thanking us for giving them an insight of what Africa is really like. Some people would even call us to query which African country would be great for them to visit. I hope such ill mannered behavior of feeling the need to record and expose your nudity or sexual activities doesn’t take away from that. We already have enough factors already working against the imagery of pageantry.
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