Glen View residents rely on open water sources

There is a possible spread of water borne diseased as residents at Glen View in Harare had the Harare City Council disconnecting water from their residences due to non payment of bills amid revelations they were now relaying from open water sources for water.

This was revealed by the Harare Residents Trust which said in Glen Norah C Extension and Paradise households had water disconnected last month.
Glen View residents rely on open water sources
"Those who have no water are relying on an open water main. This is disturbing and it is a reflection of what will potentially happen when prepaid water meters are introduced and residents do not have money to pay upfront for Council water," said the trust.

"How will the City curb disease out breaks like cholera, typhoid? Water is life and it does not have alternatives. Below is a picture of the water of the unsafe water main that people are getting household water from.
Source - Byo24News
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