'Pussycat-walking' model nabbed

THE Harare college model who catwalked without panties has been identified only as Panashe and has since been arrested.

Pictures of the model exposing their privates have gone viral on social media.

Panashe is a Harare Polytechnic College student and the principal, Tafadzwa Mudondo was also picked up by police from the Licencing Inspectorate Department.

Mudondo said the incident happened in July and was not aware that Panashe went commando.
'Pussycat-walking' model nabbed
"That was a function in July and we have not been aware of the indecent exposure. It was a student's function and we had nothing to do with it. They inform us of what they will be doing. This is one of the isolated cases that happened at the college".

"We are still investigating the matter and haven't taken any action. It is a process".

Also picked up where photographers of the event together with their cameras and external hard drive which carried the photos of the event.

However, it is understood that Panashes' decision to take to the ramp without panties left many surprised.

The models are said to have been ordered to remove their panties so they could walk properly.
'Pussycat-walking' model nabbed
It is said there was uproar from the student who were in the gallery after noticing that the models had no panties.

Source - H-Metro
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