Striker Dribbles Three Women

Sunday Sun reports that the three women – Patience Ndlovu, Ado Adams and Thembi Mntambo – are baying for one another’s blood over Tendai. A source said each is claiming him to be her man and no one wants to share him with the other.

“These girls are hurling insults at each other because they’re all dating Tendai. They even stalk each other on social networks.
Striker Dribbles Three Women
Ado will post a picture of Tendai on her Instagram page, and Thembi will do the same on her page. “Thereafter, they will trade insults. Ado and Thembi used to be best buddies but now they’re no longer friends because of Tendai.

They know he’s dating both of them. They swear at each other on the phone as if Tendai is the only man on earth,” claimed the source. Another insider claimed while the two were busy fighting, Patience entered the fray. “Patience is the latest girl to be in love with Tendai and is now telling the other two girls to back off as she won’t share her man with them.

“She has told Tendai to make up his mind because she can’t deal with the insults. Tendai told her he will dump Thembi and Ado, but he won’t because he loves playing them,” claimed the insider.

The source said Tendai spent Women’s Day with Ado, and Thembi and Patience were angry as they couldn’t be with him.

When called for comment Ado said: “Thembi and Patience must go f*ck themselves. Tendai is my hubby and I don’t want to hear anything from anyone.” “What are you writing about? Can you please call me after five minutes,” said Tendai before abruptly ending the call.

Patience and Thembi were not available for comment.
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